CAMinventions Complete MiSTer System


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A few people have asked me to help them put the whole MiSTer system together.

So for a very reasonable price, I’m offering to sell you a complete working and tested system.

This will include:

i. A Terasic DE10 Nano including original 100-240V power supply
ii. An Australia plug adapter
iii. CAMinventions 128MB SDRAM Module
iv. CAMinventions 3D printed case in your choice of colour with fan
v. Genuine Sandisk 32GB microSD Card pre-loaded with MiSTer software working (not the cheap eBay ones)

Essentially all you need to do is grab a micro-USB hub of your choice, a keyboard and your favourite controller
and you are all set.

As a special order, delivery is subject to available stock of the DE10s. They can’t easily be ordered in quantity.

If you want add an IOBoard v6.1, please add it separately to your shopping cart. 

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 7 cm

Black, Red, White, Sky Blue, Orange, Silver, Grey, Purple, Yellow


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