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MT32 Pi for MisterFPGA

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When I was at Uni in the beginning of the 90s, I saved up an spent an absolute FORTUNE on a Roland LAPC-1, and the very first Thrustmaster HOTAS joystick that came out (Falcon 3.0!)

So to see the MT32 Pi hookup to a DE10 is very exciting for me.

When I get around to setting up the AO486 core with MT32 Pi, the following info will be useful to people who don’t have an IOBoard.

A short 10 way ribbon cable or set of 9 hook up wires needs to go between the Arduino header on the DE10 and the Pi GPIO as below:

There will be PCBs to do this, but if you want to hack it, just connect the wires up directly using 0.1″ pitch headers/breadboard hook up wire (male-female).

Note in the photo below the DE10, the text is UPSIDE DOWN !! If you have SDRAM it’s easier to spot.

Please let me know if this doesn’t work !

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