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MisterFPGA IOBoard v6.0 First Build

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Almost there.. it’s taken forever to get some of the parts !

Running the first board now.. Analog Audio – OK!, VGA output – OK!, Fan +5V – OK!, Toslink – Fail! Selected the wrong LED.

Will need to test the VGA output with a CRT.. otherwise it is running VGA output to an old LCD I have, and I’ll put it through its paces this week.

Assuming I get the SD card reader and the right LEDs for the Toslink to work, I’ll put these into the store. First batch of 10.

Takes a while to build these.. price will be $100. For people who have ordered the cases from me, I’ll redesign the bottom half with the IOBoard, and you can get a new half shell from me for $10 extra (thanks for supporting me !).

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