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Plasma CNC Project Jan/Feb 2020

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A few updates on the Plasma CNC Project.. this is an upgrade to my AvidCNC 60120 machine.. to allow me to cut 8×4 sheet stock with a 3.5kW spindle, or
cut up to 12mm Steel/Aluminium up to 1400mm x 750mm.

First there was the challenge of building the machine. Alot of things needed up upgrade a working CNC machine!

Currently am working to commission the machine and deal with some of the faults such as interference, learning what the machine and software have to do to work together and setting up a efficient workflow.

January 2020

  • Fabricated a solid steel base for the CNC electronics cabinet and Power distribution cabinet
  • Replaced the standard drag chain carriers with larger 75x35mm chain from Aliexpress
  • Routed all the new cables and rewired everything
  • Fixed up a Fusion 360 Post Processor to feed my toolpaths into UCCNC
  • Got UCCNC and NeuronCNC Lite to work, starting to understand how this stuff really works!
  • Starting to do test cuts and develop recipes for cutting

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