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CAMinventions MiSTer Case

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Here is the CAMinventions MiSTer Case V1 !

It includes an 80mm Sunon fan, wiring to the DE10 nano (Pin11 +5V, Pin12 GND) and a snap fit design for the upper and lower halves. The DE10 board screws into the threaded ABS case using the M3 spacers (or use M3 screws if you wish).

There is no real need for a heatsink on the DE10 nano with this design. The airflow from the 80mm fan is heaps.. in my test, the FPGA just doesn’t get over 40C so one less thing to worry about !

There’s plenty of room for a 128MB Memory Module and no problems with getting to the ports. There’s also air circulation under the board as well.

Dimensions are 155 x 93 x 70mm, packed in a box it will fit in a small AusPost parcel ( 220 x 160 x 70mm)

If you’d like to order one, they are 3D printed from ABS so it’s not a production grade injection moulded case. It can be modified to make it look better if you want to sand/fill and repaint the ABS. I will do this once I have time, to show what is possible.

The price is really reasonable.. AUD$50 including the fan and wiring – ready to run. Postage will depend on your location, but standard parcel post would be AUD$10.

Update 9th Feb 2020:

Started to print the ones for sale, and had a glitch on one of the prints (seam).. The raw 3D printed part looks well, “3D printed”. Here’s what it starts to look like after a dose of 60/120/240 grit and a bath !

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